Products : Ultra Alkaline & Lithium-Ion

IPSU ENERGY is proud to introduce our co brand IPSU ENERGY/ PKCELL high quality Ultra Alkaline, Green Energy Batteries which contain no Mercury or Cadmium,  All IPSU ENERGY/ PKCELL Ultra Alkaline Batteries come with a 10 year shelf life Warranty.


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Products : Commercial Power Storage Units

IPSU Energy Deep Cycle Power Storage Units: At the core of any Photovoltaic (PV) Solar project is the power storage bank.  Our HTL Gel series and LifePO4 Lithium Ion Deep Cycle products will consistently have an impact on the industries global market.

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Services : Solar Project Consultation & Instillation

Through our strategic and accelerated partnerships, IPSU Energy offers PV Solar Project, consultation and installation for home, commercial and governments.

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  • Global Power Storage Industry:

Look around you, power storage units (Batteries) are an intrical part of our lives. Cell Phones, Toys, Watches, Remotes, Cars, Motorcycles, Laptops all require power storage units, and now with PV Solar projects on the rise globally, high capacity, high quality Deep Cycle Storage Units are in demand now more than ever.

The Paris Climate Agreement has awaken the planet to the need for lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Over 180 countries have signed and implemented long term goal to reduce their countries carbon footprint on the world we live in.

PV Solar Projects are the most common of the Clean Renewable Energy Projects being installed globally. At the core of all Off Grid PV Solar Projects are the Power Storage Banks that provide Energy during non solar hours.

Regardless of the product, consumer or commercial; Regardless of the client, private, corporate or governmental;  IPSU Energy will always provide highly efficient, long lasting Power Storage Units to the Global Market

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