Dr. Derek A. Frezzell, Psy.D (USA / D.R.)

President & CEO


Dr. Casey F. Roberts (USA / D.R.)

Sr. Vice President & CFO / International Board of Directors

Dr. Roberts served honorably in the US Army during the Viet Nam war and several conflicts over twenty-six plus years, after completing his military service, he earned a BA degree in International Economics & Finances and Analysis. Dr. Roberts obtained a Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia with honors and subsequently, he also received a Doctorate in Christian Theology. He served as Assistant to the Deputy Under- Secretary of Finance and Administration of a Caricom Nation for six years. Dr. Roberts is the owner of Benrox Holdings, LLC, whose principal office is in Belize City, Belize C.A. President Of Global Professional Services, an IT supply and support entity, President of Feldean Group a US based private equity firm. He currently serves on a number of community project boards, has authored several books, and is the Prefect of Churchage Bible Ministries, Inc., a world outreach support ministry. As a teacher of Biblical Principles for more than 23 years, Dr. Roberts developed and taught the 18 -year running series, “What Every Christian Ought to Know”.

B. Carzell Cody (USA / D.R.)

International Board of Directors

Graduate of the prestigious Georgetown University Law Center. Mr. Cody worked for the U.S. Department of Commerce for 30 years. With his experience in commercial law, he was a part of structuring, financing and advising $500 million federal loan programs.
He was also appointed Special Assistant U.S. Attorney to the federal districts of Massachusetts, Florida, and Texas for federal debt collection.
Mr. Cody brings a wealth of commercial legal knowledge to the International Board of Directors.

Juan Pablo Duarte Santos (D.R.)

Sr. Vice President and Chief Legal Counsel / International Board of Directors

An attorney in the Dominican Republic specializing in international business law, his guidance is proving to be invaluable. Working for the government in the court system for 5 plus years, he has help guide the company on all legal matters in the Dominican Republic. Corporate Registration, Sales and Tax Regulations, also Importation of products.
Mr. Duarte also owns a cell phone store. His knowledge of the cell phone battery replacement market in the country is extensive. He has already lined up national distributors of our cell phone replacement batteries.
Martin Malone (USA / D.R.)
Sr. Vice President Sales & Marketing

Ferdinand Hanell Cuevas (D.R.)

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Mr. Cuevas has extensive experience in marketing and sales in the Dominican Republic. He is the co architect of the IPSU ENERGY marketing strategy for the D.R. His ability to breakdown market statistical data is exceptional.
His business philosophy coincides with Mr. Frezzell, the CEO in that all good business decisions should be backed by statistical data and foreseeable market trends.
One of Mr. Cuevas main responsibilities is to insure that all IPSU ENERGY products in the Dominican Republic are market driven, and to present strategies to increase market share in all market segments our products are in.